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With over  $2 billion

recovered and a success 

rate above 80% - that’s why

“Roquemore means recovery!”


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Roq – Solid Reputation Delivers

“The Industry Standard” For Recovery 

Process defines outcome.


Successful recovery, combined with a gold standard of service, repeated time after time, builds confidence, provides protection and assures peace of mind.  Trusting your delinquent accounts to Roquemore is the first step to minimizing risk: risk to recovery, risk to reputation and risk to possible violations of law and compliance statutes. Our methods are comprehensive, secure and successful – 15% more so than our competition, a Roq-Solid Reputation!


A key to Roquemore’s exceptional recovery results is based on how we designed our business model: the best technology, continually improved and a highly educated workforce, constantly engaged in training about regulatory and compliance conformance practices.


Our practices are founded on the benefits of leading-edge technologies that are both scalable and repeatable. These systems are engineered with precise protocols, guaranteeing comprehensive adoption and repetition throughout the enterprise. For instance, we assign an exact number of accounts to each skiptracing professional, based on our unequalled experience in knowing how much information can be managed successfully.  Smaller than typical caseload assignment avoids the common practice of ‘skim-tracing’ – a result of agents having too many files to digest and manage effectively. The Roquemore formula of a precisely managed case load assures not only that our eyes are ‘fresh’ on key data, but that our multi-tiered tracking resources consistently return the exceptional results our clients expect.


By never taking any shortcuts, we make sure to protect your interests. We are fully bonded in addition to maintaining professional liability insurance protection on each of our client’s claims to ensure that your reputation has the ultimate protection. Roquemore’s well-defined processes provide optimization at the skiptracing level, the front line of communication with the borrower.  Examples of our applied processes include systematic monitoring of outbound calls to ensure compliance, tracking cycle time for each account and constantly rating our Repo agents. Our Repo agent selection methodology not only eliminates external, arbitrary influences but consistently directs us to the best qualified agent for each assignment. Each performance is recorded and reported, providing us continual measurement of an agent’s effectiveness. We generate reports at all levels of service, consistently providing meaningful data for improved performance across the Roquemore national enterprise.


As the oldest continually operating force in the skiptracing industry, Roquemore leads by consistently applying gold standard service through superior, adaptive technologies expertly managed by our highly-trained professionals. We employ strict standards throughout our entire workforce to assure our collection efforts are deployed in a dignified and professional manner. The carefully-crafted protocols enhance our commitment to client confidentiality and serve to safeguard client reputation – a key focus of all the value-added services we provide.



Through the strict application

of our processes –

which provide training,

feedback and improvement

through every step –

we are able to achieve the

fastest, highest rate of asset

recovery in the industry.

Our Clients' piece of mind is top of mind at Roquemore


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