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Jose Paulino / Chief Technology Officer

Jose graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Computer/Electrical Engineering with an emphasis on system design. He was enlisted to be the lead systems architect to help guide, develop, and enhance the main technology tools used by Roquemore. Before he joined the team every department used different and unconnected systems to conduct day-to-day business. Since then he and his team have been able to innovatively create an enterprise level "Single System Solution" both for employees and clients alike. Efficiency and process improvement are vital to keep a competitive edge and pass on the most value to Roquemore’s clients. Processes that would take hours have been reduced to minutes, tasks that took minutes can now be done in seconds. Inefficiencies are continually identified, prioritized and eliminated. Through his efforts Roquemore has successfully integrated with many clients and data providers. Consequently, clients can now leverage their own systems because of the “Single System Solution” Roquemore offers. He loves the ever evolving challenge of process improvement that confronts him every day. He says “It keeps me up at night and wakes me up in the morning”.

Mike Postlethwait / President

Roquemore has been around longer than any other continuously operating collateral skiptracing firm and has weathered many industry challenges. When Mike joined the team the skiptracing market was suffering some strong headwinds.  His vision, oversight and leadership helped Roquemore to move forward, taking the company to the next level. These pivotal decisions helped maintain Roquemore’s edge and continued to propel it onward to excellence. His investigative, skiptracing and database background make him a uniquely qualified candidate to meet the demands of his position.  Through Mike’s intimate knowledge of the needs of insurance companies, credit unions and banks, Roquemore provides clients exactly what they need before they even ask for it. He refers to this as the “gold standard” of customer service that Roquemore practices every day.  He spends countless hours smoking his pipe, contemplating and strategically planning how to implement the next important key initiative. He’s a man with an endless amount of ideas and is determined to make his dreams into Roquemore’s reality.


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