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With over  $2 billion

recovered and a success 

rate above 80% - that’s why

“Roquemore means recovery!”


Rapid Efficient Recovery Results

Roquemore clients care about two key outcomes: Did we locate the asset? Did we protect their reputation in the process? Only Roquemore professionals can answer “Yes!” to both. Our unified systems return collateral value over 80% of the time, a full 15% more than our closest competition. Roquemore professionals recover and remarket assets in excess of $3.4 million every week, every single year. To date, the total asset recovery value to our clients exceeds 2 billion dollars!


The Roquemore formula for success rests upon four cornerstones of performance: technology, workforce and relationships; these three elements are precisely combined to produce adaptability, the final cornerstone of our success. We are adroit  in our response to ever-changing information and have systems designed specifically to seek and disclose data in real-time reporting. This gives our experienced skiptracers and repo agents virtually up-to-the-minute information about a borrower, which facilitates faster recovery of the collateral. Roquemore boasts the broadest platform for remarketing assets of any competitor, affording our clients the selective option to return the ‘highest and best’ price on their recovered collateral.


 •  Over 3,000 experienced repo agents work with Roquemore nationwide

 •  SkipWatch technology reports real-time update of Borrower-specific data

 •  Proprietary relationships with the country’s three largest remarketing venues


For over 25 years we have been building relationships that serve our clients by returning higher rates of recovery, faster, than any other company in this business. Our clients speak of our success in consistently meeting and exceeding their collection needs; the $2+ billion in recovery resounds in our clients' ears and speaks to our gold standards of process and performance.


Our Roq-solid reputation is built on a commitment to provide the best results to our valued lenders every single day. For nearly 30 years, our name has been synonymous with performance, innovation, consistency and service. After all, Roquemore means recovery.

Recoveries –

Faster and More of Them

Roquemore stands apart as much as we stand out.


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