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Innovative technology enables comprehensive portfolio management. A Roquemore Client may take advantage of our performance based systems and trained workforce to manage activities throughout the recovery and liquidation spectrum, secure in our currency of compliance issues, our awareness of law and our dedication to minimizing reputational risk.


What are the advantages to you?


Lower costs and a higher return on investment – Each value is interrelated and realized through the holistic approach Roquemore provides our loyal clients and strategic partners.  With our perspective of portfolio management, we are able to return lower costs for recovery and associated field personnel involved in recovery.


Using Roquemore’s proprietary technology, an entire portfolio of loans can be managed across multiple vendors, consistently focused on risk management through exceptional service. At the beginning of every new client relationship, we establish parameters that clearly outline and define their preferences for work flows and processes, as well as identify approved or excluded service providers.  Once established, Roquemore’s SkipTrak technology provides seamless transition from one stage to the next with continual supervision and monitoring. Our decades of experience ensure lower costs to our clients and minimize risk.


If the selected repo agent is unable to locate account collateral, the information associated with that account –which is already tracked internally -- can be quickly assigned to an experienced skiptracer. Should the first skiptracer arrive at a dead end after a proscribed period of time, a second skiptracer is assigned for a new and fresh approach; if those efforts do not provide resolution, the account remains in our SkipWatch program, where it is constantly monitored for any change in data—either about the borrower or the collateral. New information is automatically updated and reported back through our skiptracing pipeline, where it is acted upon to complete the recovery.  Roquemore’s Portfolio Management system allows this same process of distributing information to be utilized across multiple recovery service providers.


Once the collateral is recovered, Roquemore’s remarketing resources are aligned quickly, giving our clients the most effective venue for liquidation and reportage of their returned assets. These integrated and innovative processes consistently return to our clients more asset value faster, and at a lower cost, time after time – another reason why Roquemore means Recovery.



The Roquemore pursuit of excellence is reflected in every aspect of our distinctive Client Services. Behind the effectiveness of each separate Service is a vibrant, continually updating matrix of reporting data, delivered seamlessly through our Single System Solution. The bedrock of our innovative technology, Single System incorporates over 200 separate sources of credit reporting information which, in turn, are processed, analyzed and managed by our trained professionals to expedite the recovery process:


Roquemore's Single System Solution covers the recovery and liquidation processes beginning to end.  Only the "Best in Class" companies are considered and they must maintain the high service levels Roquemore demands from itself. Roquemore's Single System Solution utilizes over 1,400 recovery agents and 3 national remarketing firms that were carefully chosen because of their business ethics, professionalism and performance.  The Roquemore solution brings the very best companies all under one roof to provide high performance and peace of mind for our clients.  Accessing the best service providers in the industry is made simple with Roquemore's innovative technology, it's built in smart logic that keeps all aspects of the recovery and liquidation processes on track.

With over  $2 billion

recovered and a success 

rate above 80% - that’s why

“Roquemore means recovery!”

Through the strict application of our processes –which provide training, feedback and improvement through every step – we are able to achieve the fastest, highest rate of asset recovery in the industry.


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Thank you for your interest! Please click below to

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