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There are numerous logistics, details and considerable risk associated with the repossession of collateral.  Coverage areas, contingent versus non-contingent, proper licensing of the auto agent and adequate insurance coverage represent just a few of the key elements for consideration.  Missing – or misjudging – even one aspect of the process can become costly and could damage the reputation of the lender. Roquemore’s success in coordinating peaceful recoveries over the last several decades is a direct result of the priority placed on maintaining a dedicated staff thoroughly trained with state-of-the-art technology.


Recovery agents are carefully vetted for proper insurance coverage, secured storage lots, criminal records and reputation.  Vetting all these factors reduces risk for the lender. Our agents are also tracked for their performance and most of our agents work on a contingent basis for Roquemore, which reduces costs. All of our approved agents operate under a detailed contract that covers the myriad of details involved in the recovery process. Attention to detail at the outset provides clarity in their work product and positively affects the outcome. As Roquemore currently manages approximately 700 recovery agents nationwide.


In just three minutes – from start to finish - a repossession assignment is entered into SkipTrak, providing the critical data our system needs to complete all collateral recovery processes.  Roquemore clients can select preferred agents and request that we not use others.


Once an agent has been assigned, accounts are updated every 3 days to be sure the process moves along quickly.  If the collateral has not been recovered within 15 days we perform a light skiptrace, searching for new information over an additional 7 days.  There is no charge for the light skiptracing.  If new Borrower information is discovered, we provide it immediately to the agent so they can continue their efforts.  If the collateral still cannot be located we can seamlessly convert it to a full skiptrace and put the repossession assignment on hold, which eliminates close fees.  This action also guarantees the assigned agent will be able to continue his efforts if the collateral is located within his service area.   This process has been widely adopted by our national network of experienced recovery agents and allows them to recoup the costly investment they already have in the particular assignment.


Using our Single System Solution just makes sense.  Reduced risks, reduced costs, efficient operations, and long-standing, local relationships all combine for the desired net effect: more recovered collateral in a shorter period of time. 

Roquemore’s Single System Solution provides a complete turnkey solution – It begins with the decision to proceed and concludes with the repossession of the collateral.  With nearly 30 years of experience in coordinating the peaceful recovery of collateral our seamless recovery process adds value, reduces costs and effectively manages risk.


Disclaimer: Roquemore & Roquemore does not perform any repossessions itself, in any state (or in Florida), but contracts with professional, properly licensed recovery agents.

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