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Skiptracing is the practice of identifying reference points of a Borrower sufficient to lead to contact with that borrower and, in an ideal outcome, facilitate recovery of valued collateral belonging to the Lender. Roquemore has elevated skiptracing to an art form. While often copied, our carefully cultivated methods are never duplicated.


Nearly 30 years of collection experience have refined our skiptracing methodology to the most effective in the industry. Our carefully constructed and stringent workflow processes are managed internally through SkipPro, the system used by our skiptracers and group managers to monitor every aspect of data input and collection activity. SkipPro was designed and developed by Roquemore and is not an “off the shelf” software program.  SkipPro allows us to effectively manage your recovery agent preferences, accurately deliver invoices and aids our staff to achieve the highest recovery percentages in the industry. Roquemore achieves industry-breaking results while mitigating client risk. We use extensive management oversight coupled with continuing education training for all staff members, assuring they are well-versed on frequent changes to laws and regulations. Attention to these important areas contribute to the Roquemore record of recovery.


Managing ever changing information on the people and collateral we are tracking requires extensive knowledge of available data and a means to effectively manage that data.  We developed internal software to accomplish both. Our SkipWatch software provides real time, round the clock, global data tracking capabilities that immediately report changes in the borrower’s electronic footprint and electronic records for the collateral.  Once new information is detected our skip tracers are notified and follow up immediately on the new information.


A professional approach, a seasoned staff, continued education and state of the art technology all serve to distinguish Roquemore  as the best choice for your skip tracing needs.



Roquemore’s core service offering is skip tracing. Through our professionalism, high service levels and superior performance, we demonstrate our daily pursuit of excellence and customer satisfaction. Roquemore’s trained and seasoned staff consistently exceeds expectations by supplementing their workflow with robust state of the art technology.

More of what matters most -

faster, successful recovery

of collateral and liquidation,

while protecting the reputation 

of our valued clients.

Through the strict application of our processes we are able to achieve the fastest

and highest rate of asset recovery in the industry.


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Thank you for your interest! Please click below to

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